Swiss Dev is a development corporation based in Switzerland, which has reached to us with a request of helping them to re-brand their business.

There were no exact requirements from the side of Swiss Dev regarding their new logo, therefore we had a completely free hand over what will be their new company identity.

Projects without specifications are the hardest ones to create, however, they also provide us with a chance to fully unleash our creativity.


Create a new brand for development corporation.


Swiss Development Corporation


Logo Design


Swiss Quality

Switzerland is a well known country for it’s high quality standards and top output products. Therefore our designing process could not be any different than perfect.

We had to come up with an idea incorporating both, Swiss quality and customer security.


Design Process

As with every project, we have started with brainstorming this time as well. We also had to keep in mind requirements of our client and match them with our ideas.

Swiss Dev logo was created by combining elements of growth, development and stability. Matched with a strong font-type and Switzerland’s national colors, the final product please not only us, but our customer as well.