SponsorFox came to us with a request of creating an entirely new and unique brand for their start-up. The main purpose of their business was connecting sponsors with people in search of a sponsorship. They also had an app in development, therefore the logo had to consist of a standalone icon + company name beneath it.

As their only requirement was to have a fox somewhere in the design, we were able to fully unleash our creative minds and design a stunning logo for their company. The final version of the design was a huge success and our client could not be happier.


Brand a start-up sponsorship company.


SponsorFox Company


Logo Design


Simply Innovative

SponsorFox is a truly innovative way of searching for a sponsor. Therefore we had nothing else left but only to create them an innovative logo design as well. At the end, we really enjoyed working on this project with the SponsorFox team, and we wish them the best of luck.


Design Process

As with every project, we have started with brainstorming this time as well. We also had to keep in mind requirements of our client and match them with our ideas.

SponsorFox logo was created by combining a standalone logo icon with the company name beneath it. The icon alone came from an idea of connecting the letter “S” together with tail and body of a fox. Applying a beautiful fox-orange color, the final logo design will definitely attract more than one investor.