Sierra Dojo is a brand created for a martial arts club located high in the mountains of Sierra Nevada. Our client contacted us with a request, that he runs a traditional Dojo and needs a new logo.

The only requirement was to have the Japanese Torii gate incorporated somewhere in the design. Therefore we have decided to choose a deep red together with black and white to be the primary colors of this logo. We have also give the logo a traditional Japanese feel by creating a beautiful martial arts font.


Design a logo for martial arts club.


Sierra Dojo Club


Logo Design


Elegance & Power

Sierra Dojo logo is a great example of design that even through it’s fighting style work great on highly elegant business cards, overlaid by a silver foil. Our main aim during the design process was to maintain a high level of elegance, yet still making the logo powerful by it’s look.


Design Process

As with every project, we have started with brainstorming this time as well. We also had to keep in mind requirements of our client and match them with our ideas.

Sierra Dojo was created using several design styles as negative space shading, and simple outlining. As soon as the icon was done, we have created a font that matched the overall look of the icon, and Sierra Dojo Martial Arts logo was born.